What Will You Creaate Podcast #4: Can You Teach Entrepreneurship?

Class is in session with Professor Joseph Paradi, father of everything entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto. He has seen thousands of student startups come and go, so what seperates the successes from the failues?

What will you creaate podcast can you teach entrepreneurship Professor Joseph Paradi University of Toronto

what will you creaate podcast can you teach entrepreneurship Professor Joseph Paradi University of Toronto

What Will You Creaate Podcast #4: Can You Teach Entrepreneurship?

“Joseph C. Paradi is a very experienced senior information technology expert. Dr. Paradi was the founder of Dataline Inc. in 1968. The company was financed with a $2.7 million dollar public underwriting of shares (1969). The Company grew from there to a 25 million dollar, large Canadian computer services company. Over 180 professionals distributed Dataline’s service offerings across Canada and in most other major financial centers around the globe. The international network supported over 5,500 real time terminals. The system and network delivered sub-second response to stock traders, bankers, investment managers and others who needed instant information. Dr. Paradi sold the company to a U.S. firm in late 1987 and left in January 1989 after 20 years at the helm and joined the University of Toronto as a Professor.

He also is the founder of Parcorp Ltd., a company started for the purpose of investing in, nurturing and facilitating the growth of small Canadian high tech companies. He has also started several other companies: a specialized technology consulting firm; two firms based on intellectual properties developed at the University of Toronto (DesignCo Inc. and Translucent Technologies Inc.); and a joint venture in Hungary. He is the director and part owner of other high tech firms as well. He is an entrepreneur and has consulted to several startups and high-tech initiatives.”

If that intro didn’t convince you, Professor Paradi truly is a man who eats, sleeps and breathes entrepreneurship. He has amazing stories to tell and incredible insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Learn more about Professor Paradi and his work here and here.

professor joseph paradi university of toronto

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