What Will You Creaate Podcast #1: Inside the Venture Capitalist Mind with Richard Moran

How many college presidents, venture capitalists, and best-selling authors do you know? Richard Moran is all three. Hear his thoughts on what it takes to be a venture capitalist and how to pitch your idea to a VC, plus some great insight into some of the hottest companies and technologies in the Silicon Valley.

What Will You Creaate Podcast #1: Inside the Venture Capitalist Mind with Richard Moran

Welcome to the very first episode of What Will You Creaate, the podcast all about what it takes to build a startup!

In this episode, I talk to Richard A. Moran, the President of Menlo College and a noted San Francisco based business leader, venture capitalist, social scientist, best-selling author and evangelist for organization effectiveness. He is best known for his series of humorous business books beginning with bestselling, Never Confuse a Memo with Reality that started the genre of “Business Bullet Books.” Rich Moran is also a radio personality featured on KCBS Radio in San Francisco. He is The host of “In the Workplace”, a program that discusses workplace issues and airs weekly to over a million listeners.

richard moran

Special thanks to Professor Alan Chong, without whom this podcast may never have happened.

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