Turn Your Smartphone into a Laptop with the Superbook

Turn Your Smartphone into a Laptop with the Superbook

This is the idea everyone is waiting for, whether they realize it or not.

The smartphone has cannibalized so many things: cameras, portable gaming systems, calendars, flashlights, watches (well…they are sort of making a comeback), the list goes on, but the laptop is a survivor.

Until now.

The Superbook is a laptop shell for your Android phone, plug your phone in and you have more or less a fully functional laptop. Check it out on Kickstarter, they absolutely obliterated their funding goal.

770aa7beef45979a35d3de0ca271a32a_originalPlug in your smartphone and bingo, you’ve got a laptop!

It makes a lot of sense; your phone is a computer. Having worked on the iPhone, I was shocked at the capabilities of the CPU and GPU, they are really way beyond what the phone actually needs. For the average user, there’s more than enough computing power. If you already have one computer in your pocket, what’s the point in carrying around another?

The desire to have the phone do more and more is what led to the phablet revolution. A bigger screen makes it easier to read, type, watch videos, etc., but for true productivity, a laptop is still necessary. If this type of laptop shell catches on though, phones might actually shrink back to a size that fits in your hand and pocket.

And then of course, the kicker, this thing only costs $99. That’s maybe a tenth of your Macbook, that’s insane. And since you’re only paying for the shell, you can afford to get an amazing shell: a great screen, a great keyboard, a great trackpad, and still a great price.

I’m curious to see what this means for the industry. Apple has always stated their willingness to cannibalize their own products, would they consider releasing a shell like this for the iPhone? Will Google and the horde of Windows PC manufacturers start pumping out their own shells?

Who knows, but that may be the difference between whether this idea is just a novelty gadget, or a true game changer.

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